Like most large cities, there a number of Glasgow estate agents offering their services.  Central Estate Agents is one of the newest and the most innovative.  We’re so confident in our service that we’re taking the unprecedented step of producing a guide to choosing an agent that’s right for you.

Glasgow Estate Agents – Choosing the right agent for you

We’re passionate about we do and are very good at it.  Our work speaks for itself in terms of quality and results.

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In a nutshell – The Central Estate Agents guide to selecting an agent


1 – View similar properties for sale online

Visit Zoopla, RightMove or S1Homes.  Type in your post code and look for properties similar to yours in price and the local area.  You’ll use this list of properties to help with the next steps.

2 – Identify properties that catch your eye

The way an agent presents properties similar to yours is a great indicator.  If they present poorly it’s likely yours will too.  Make a list of the agents who catch your eye.  I recommend at least four but no more than seven or so.  This is a good enough range.

3 – Prepare a list of questions

You’ll want to compare each on a like for like basis.  It’s easy to forget important questions while on the phone or during an agent’s visit.  So make a list.  It’s a great way of measuring everyone against the same criteria and ensures you’ve made an informed decision at the end.  These are the main points:

  • Price? – Fees are generally fixed or a percentage of the sale.  Make sure you know the true cost.  Do the prices include VAT?  Are there any extras?  Often for sale boards, viewing packages etc. are all an additional fee.  Many times the price you see is not the price you pay!
  • High street presence? – Many serious buyers prefer to visit the agent for face to face support.  A home sale remains the biggest financial transaction most will ever make.
  • Marketing quality? – Ask to see examples of similar properties.  View the pictures taken, brochure design etc.  A good tip is compare them with expensive properties by the same agent.  Often properties at the lower/mid end of the market are not presented to the same standard as those at the upper end.
  • Market value – Ask for an estimate.  These are just a guide.  The home report is what defines the value.  Don’t be seduced by high estimates.  It can secure an instruction for an agent but not a sale for you.
  • Pose as a buyer – Bit sneaky but it may be worth calling about a property on the agents books and seeing how a prospective buyer is treated.
  • Property website coverage – Do they advertise on Zoopla as well as RightMove?  Zoopla is the second biggest property website in the UK.  Your property will reach a smaller audience if an agent has no coverage with Zoopla.

4 – Conduct your interviews

You have your questions and short list of agents.  Now go speak with your shortlist.  Glasgow estate agents will typically be happy to come see you.  However you may want to drop in on them.  It’s a great way of catching people in an unprepared state and getting a true feeling for their personalities and abilities.  Step through your questions in a logical way and record answers.


To summarise

  1. Check out listings of similar properties to your own
  2. Produce a short list of agents
  3. Put your questions down on paper
  4. Measure each agent against your list of questions

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to Glasgow estate agents.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


Hope you find this helpful.  Good luck with your sale!